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Rukumeli Samaj Bikas Kendra


Name of the organization: Rukumeli Social Development Centre (RSDC)
Address: Musikot-1 Rukum
Phone number: 088-530064, 088-530134
Org.  Email:
Contact person: Nar Bahadur Nepali
Designation/Position chairperson
Cell no 9851162315
Email ;
Legal status
SN Name of the organization Registration Date Registration no:
1 District Administration Office, Rukum 2061/07/26 79
2 Social welfare Council Kathmandu 2062/04/21 18298
3 Internal Revenue office, Dang PAN /VAT No: 2062/07/9 301982308
4 Dalit NGO Federation, mid western, Banke 2061/11/21 31
5 NGO Federation Rukum 2062/02/19 MWRRUK 27


              Rukumeli Social Development Centre (RSDC) is a non- governmental organization registered at District Administration Office, Rukum in 2061 BS as per Social Welfare Act 2034 of Nepal. The organization is affiliated to Social Welfare Council (SWC), Nepal according to the SWC Act 1993. The organization was founded by key social activitist of the district engaged. They were very much aware on poverty issues of mid-western development region. Then, they took leadership in establishing the RSDC to address issues of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment and inequity leading to marginalization of certain groups.

RSDC has 118 general members (74 male and 44 female), a-nine member executive committee (6 male and 3 female; 3 Chhetri, 4 Dalits and 2 indigenous people).  The organization consists of a 3 member’s advisory committee. The executive committee role is supported by number of committees such as account, recruitment, physical verification, procurement, fundraising and monitoring committees. The general assembly has been organized each year and in each three year, the assembly elects new executive committee. The executive committee is responsible to implement RSDC’s organizational policy, approved programmers’ and budget. The committee is also responsible for to supervise overall management of portfolios by a team of professional staff appointed as per human resource Policy.

The head office of RSDC is located at Musikot Municipality-1, Rukum. RSDC has been operating field office to ease implementation of project activities

1.   Vision/Mission/Goal:

Vision:  Creation of creative, prosperous and safe societies.

Mission: Economically prosperous, socially equitable and discrimination free society with equity in access to opportunities is mission of Rukumeli Social Development Centre (RSDC)

Goals: Social and economic status of local communities enhanced through increased access to local resources, sustainable use, enhanced institutional capacities at various levels via capacity building, facilitation, coordination, networking


Rukumeli Social Development Centre has set out 11 broad objectives aligned   with its Vision, Mission and Goals as which are;

  • To help target group during the disaster as needs.
  • To do institutionally initiative and advocacy   for the reduction of sex and caste discrimination.
  • To manage and conduct incoming and skill able program of target group for self-dependence and self-employ.
  • To help for research and recording as needs, for sustainable of community’s activities and organization has done effective works.
  • To encourage agriculture and animal-raising for modernism and professionalism   and assistance for their empowerment.
  • To do coordination and extend relation with I/NGO/GOs and local level for program’s sustainability and effectiveness.
  • For forest and environment conservation to conduct and help climate change, plantation, ecology protection and promotion, pure drinking water and sanitation related activities.
  • To increase empowerment of targets group for ensuring rights through organizing.
  • For economic sustainability, involved   target group in cooperative and to increase their institutional empowerment.
  • To conduct education, health and nutrition activities   for woman and children.
  • To bring impact in target group of working small scale infrastructure and their help.

2.    Main areas of specialization:

Social mobilization on livelihood,

Climate change,






WASH etc.


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Nar Bahadur Nepali



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Narendra K.C.

Executive Director


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