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Rukumeli Samaj Bikas Kendra

Food Security and Environment Conservation Project

SN Particular/Discription
1 Project Name: Rukumeli – Improved food security for two marginalized rural  communities in Nepal supporting ecological agriculture and structural development
2 Donor/Partner Name: TDH Germany and BMZ
3 Project/Program  Duration: 01 /11/2015-31/12/2018  ( 38 months)
4 Project Budget: Rs. 27762612.42
5 Coverage Area: Bhume Rural Municipiality- 03, Rukum
6 Target Group/No. Farmer, Women, Youth Groups  and Children Club. In total 40 Groups with Networks
7 Main Objective: Improved Food Security
8 Component/Thematic Area:  1. Establishment and Expansion of local Structures ( CBOs)
2. Infrastructure development  for ecologic and site- appropriate agriculture  development
3.  Improved Food  security through sustainable   agriculture and livestock breeding
4. Education and Training for children /youth ( for Env. Edu. And reduction youth migration
5. Health and Hygine
6. Forest- and Species Protection
9 No of Staff: Nine(9)
10  Name of Coordinator: Uttam Aryal
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Nar Bahadur Nepali



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Narendra K.C.

Executive Director


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